Church Leadership

The voluntary and strong leadership at Second Unitarian keeps the building functioning well, the congregation engaged and cared for, and facilitates involvement in the larger community to work for social justice in the world. New people are always welcome to jump in and help in all areas. See the many ways to get involved.

Board of Trustees

Tom Denio , Chair
Susan Zeigler, Past Chair
Dan Lewis, Chair Elect
Erin Rusmi, Secretary
Dana Hill, Treasurer
Mary-Helen Steindler, Council Chair
Susan Richter, Trustee

Committee Chairs

Building and Grounds Committee
Chair: Monica Drane

Committee on Ministries
Chair: David Martin

Endowment Committee
Chair: Jackie Dienstag

Finance Committee
Chair: Jackie Dienstag

Green Sanctuary
Chair: Libby Harvey-Hill

Hospitality Committee
Chair: Mark Williams

Lifespan Faith Development Council
Chair: Courtney Anderson

Membership Committee
Chair: Judy Corbeille

Music Committee
Chairs: Neal Shankman, Carey Farrell

Nominating Committee
Members: Kate Friedlob, Jill Althage, Sue Dunmore

Sunday Services Committee
Chair: Margaret Redlich

Safe Congregations
Darrick Jackson and Rev. Adam Robersmith

Social Justice Council
Chair: Kim Warman

Other Ministry and Group Leaders

Anne Duston

Buddhist Fellowship
Stephen Starkey

Covenant of Earth and Sky
Leaders: Shauna Womeldorff and Janice Stashwick

Chair: Jill Althage

Night Ministry Outreach
Coordinator: Open

Pastoral Care
Coordinator: Bonnie Ewald

Transylvania Partner Church
Kimberly Bares

Young Adults Group
Coordinators: Stephanie Bens and David Dyer

Family Group
Coordinator: Christy Grant