Kids Make a Difference

Roots and Shoots: A Kids Social Justice Program

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“Earth Day is Every Day”            ”Gay Marriage is OK”

Second Unitarian Kids’ Artwork

The Kids Social Justice Program is central to the faith development of the children who attend Second Unitarian Church.  Through age-appropriate events and activities, children learn ways to put their faith into action and learn about the Unitarian Universalist promises that are the foundation of our church.

Typically, the program sponsors three events each year:

family in field

Other opportunities include marching in the annual gay pride parade in June and attendance at Lakeview Action Coalition conventions.  Finally, the children vote each spring to determine which charitable organization will receive half of their annual children’s collection funds.

Kids Social Justice Program activities align with the faith development curricula so that the meaning and purpose of these justice events is clear.  Second Unitarian has a long history of providing opportunities for children and youth to work as part of a faith community for justice.

Read the newsletter to find out how to participate in one of our social justice events.  Sign up for the newsletter by contacting