Worship at Second Unitarian

We hope that you will decide to join in worship on Sunday mornings. Church service and children’s programming begin at 10:30 a.m. on Sundays.

We Gather Together

On Sunday mornings, we start our time together in worship by greeting each other warmly, remembering that this church is the place where we are accepted as we are, and where others are happy to see us again. Some people will be dressed in “professional casual,” but clothes aren’t really our main focus.

Each week, we explore a theme that’s woven through our service, from the opening hymn, to our Story for All Ages, in readings from religious and other insightful sources, in song from our church’s musicians, and in a message from the pulpit. You can read some sermon samples here.

We are inspired by the seasons and holidays, by the issues that confront our community and the larger world around us, and by the eternal questions that help us choose our path in this world.

There is also a time in the service when people are invited to silently light candles for a concern or celebration in their life.

There is a collection taken during the service. The Sunday collection is shared with a not-for-profit organization each week so you may hear some information about that group’s social justice work in the community.

After the service, please stay and ask questions. Take a Welcome Packet and check out the Welcome Table outside the sanctuary so you can learn about upcoming activities. There is a social time with coffee, tea and snacks after services. Volunteering as a coffee host is a wonderful way to get involved; find out more here.

We Worship With Our Children

We believe that our children are important members of our community, and that sharing worship with them strengthens our larger family. Sharing worship with the community is also a critical part of religious education for our youngest congregants. Children of all ages are welcome to join Sunday worship; our formal religious education program starts after the Story for All Ages, when we sing the children out of the sanctuary with their teachers to go down to their classes.

If you have children, read more about what to expect.

Intergenerational Worship

Several times during the church year, we come together–young and old alike–and worship as one body for our entire service. Nursery care will still be available, but children’s classes will not take place. If you are new, this might be a good day to visit with your children. You can stay together as a family and tour the church afterwards, getting a sneak peek at the children’s classrooms for your next visit.