Worshiping Together

Message to Members, Friends & Guests

2nd Unitarian Church offers occasional inter-generational worship services in the sanctuary. This is a wonderful opportunity to grow in community as all of us, the young, the old, the in-between join together in worship.

Why Worship Together?

Worship lies at the heart of what we do as a congregation. It is the time and place where we gather together to celebrate, grieve, share, challenge and be inspired to grow and live our best lives.

Enriching our Experience

Children learn by doing, and as religious educator John Westerhoff teaches, ultimately a religious identity is “caught” not “taught”.

We need to involve children in the worship experience so that they may catch the beauty strength and promise of our spiritual community, and participate in the ongoing ministry of all its’ members.

The youngest among us have gifts to share, and need to be valued and invited to share those gifts. Without their presence, the experience of all is diminished. Becoming a multi-generational worship community gives us an opportunity to share the gift of acceptance, value the experiences and gifts of all ages, and grow in our rust and care for one another.

When a child is dedicated in  our congregation we commit ourselves to welcoming that child in our spiritual community, and to nurturing their spiritual life. 

Here are some ideas for how we can each contribute to a successful inter-generational worship experience:

  • Wear your name tag and introduce yourself to people from every generation.
  • Model “worship etiquette”; children notice and will emulate your lead.
  • Respond to children as participants in worship; they can be sensitive to laughter, often misunderstanding the intent.
  • Understand when someone of any age needs to step out of the service.
  • Be open to doing worship a little differently. 

*Adapted from the Countryside Church “Worshipping with Children” Brochure

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